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Meet Jackie Sue

Updated: May 12, 2021

This is #jackiesstory

Jackie found her way to MMR in 2013. Her new owner had acquired her on a recent trip to a West TN ranch to look at horses for sale. She was 13 months old at the time and was running with all the other yearling foals. For Jackie, there was one problem, she was the foal that no one really wanted. Because, unlike the other foals that were beautiful and had great confirmation, she had warts all over her eyes and muzzle and had an umbilical hernia that would require surgery. So, the ranch owner offered her as a package deal. Her new owner called us and dropped her off at MMR on the way home. We would be doing her initial training and post-surgery aftercare because she had not been handled much and was hardly halter broke. She didn't want to trust us at first; she would run to the back of the stall when anyone came near her.

We began working with her on basic ground commands and manners. It took a while to gain her trust but slowly, she started coming around. Her surgery was successful, and she spent the next several weeks on stall rest and daily care. During this time, Angel began treating her warts on her muzzle and face. They were caused by a common virus known as Papilloma. The virus is spread by young horses in close contact. Twice a day, we applied a natural remedy of castor oil mixed with essential oils. Jackie's warts slowly began falling off, revealing a lovely little filly desperate for love and attention.

It was no secret that Angel had fallen completely in love with Jackie, and it didn't take long to strike a deal with her owner to buy her. She became MMR's first official horse! Jackie was broke during a colt breaking demonstration by Wild Horse Ministries in 2014, which was such an incredible experience as they used Jackie to preach the gospel. Over the years, we've trained her to rear on command and to lie down on command. Jackie is absolutely the sweetheart of the ranch. She loves everyone, and she is the happiest when she's being snuggled. Today, Jackie is a real beauty, and her past reminds us of the story of the ugly duckling that became a beautiful swan. Jackie is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.

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