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Meet Lil’ Jerome

This is #jeromesstory

Jerome came to us from a farm in College Grove, TN. His owner had sold their farm property and could no longer keep him. He had been a pasture mate to several horses for many years including Sunday Lou before she came to Melody Manor. Although Jerome was nice, he wasn’t friendly! He was curious but very standoffish and didn’t care to be around people much at all. He had not been handled much so at first he wanted nothing to do with people and he needed time to adjust to his new surroundings.

When he arrived, he got off the trailer and started braying (that’s donkey talk for saying hello), Sunday heard him and came running! Though they had been separated for many years, Sunday immediately recognized the voice of her long-time friend. Jerome became Sunday’s new pasture mate once again! Sunday loves to mother him and she looks out for him, but she will also put him in his place if he misbehaves. Jerome has slowly started to trust people and is now able to be led on a halter and lead rope and has recently begun being able to have his feet trimmed for the first time in many years.

Slowly but surely, Jerome is learning to trust his friends at Melody Manor Ranch and he is learning that although once he was just a forgotten donkey, left in the field to befriend a herd of horses…now he is passionately loved and he is realizing that he is protected and cared for deeply. Day by day, as his trust grows, Jerome is finding that being loved by someone is a really cool thing and he is learning to accept and look for affection whenever folks are near!

Fun Fact: Jerome brays (otherwise known as Hee Haws) a little backwards…he can’t help it! LOL, We think it’s just another cute and unique thing about him that we have come to really adore! Try heehawing at him and see if he will talk back to you  Go ahead…give it a try

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