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Meet Sunday Lou

Updated: May 12, 2021

This is #sundaysstory...

The Matriarch, aka "Mama Bear", Sunday is a walking miracle! This former broodmare came to us in late 2013 after years of battling extreme Cellulitis. Her owners tried things from antibiotics & creams to injections & saltwater therapy. She would get better only to have another flare-up. Angel received a call explaining that Sunday was in foal but couldn't get up to stand, had large sores on her legs & was in extreme pain. She assisted in care before, but this time was a dire emergency. She was scheduled to be put down.

Angel was asked to come to keep her comfortable until the vet came the next day. Upon arrival, Sunday's head lifted as Angel approached. She let out the slightest soft whinny, their eyes met & an unspoken message was relayed! A deal was made for owner surrender. It took 2 days to get her on her feet for travel. By the grace of God, she made the trip but immediately laid down on arrival. We weren't sure she'd survive the night, but we prayed & trusted God.

The long healing journey began the next morning. Sunday was on antibiotics, high dose steroids, anti-inflammatories, pain meds & sedation to bandage her legs. If she carried the foal to term, the medicines couldn't be healthy for a developing foal, we stopped everything. Conventional treatments weren't working. We used a holistic approach with complete stall rest, high-quality hay & feed, vitamins, immune supplements, & high dose probiotics. We replaced sedation w/calming essential oils, started twice-daily cleanings & wrapping w/anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, & antibacterial essential oils, along w/Well-Horse, colloidal silver & PRAYERS! The scabs began sloughing off & new skin started to emerge w/ signs of blood flow & regeneration.

It took months, but each morning life returned & she became sounder. Six months after she first arrived, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy palomino foal. Our perfect gift, Pistol Annie, was born minutes before midnight on Angel's birthday!

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