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Today is September 11th, a day we as Americans, not Republicans, Democrats, or Independents but Americans remember a horrific day of tragedy. This was a day which many us can remember details so clearly it is as if it happened yesterday. We remember where we were, what we were doing and the events which followed. It is truly a day which many of us will never forget even if we did not lose someone close to us.

Many people call for a day of prayer and memorial. We pray for the family members who lost someone that day. We pray for those in close proximity to Ground Zero and may still be struggling with those moments to this day, some 18 years later. We pray for our country, for guidance of our leadership, as well as, the safety of all Americans.

As I scroll through social media and see post after post, it is a great way to remember and pay tribute to the horrific events of that day. Some of those posts talk about the unmistakable unity of all Americans during and after those events. In the aftermath of something that tragic, it brought us closer together than maybe ever before or at least in many decades. A sense of pride brought us together as we touted "We will not be Shaken" and "These Colors Don't Run" from every direction. It did not matter your background, your economic status, your political beliefs, we were one.

Thinking about those events of that day and remember, I was reminded of someone who asked us to remember. Someone who knows what sacrifice was all about. Someone who would lay down their own life just for you and me. That person was Jesus Christ. As I think about the First Responders who sacrificed their own lives for our sake 18 years ago, I am reminded of the selfless torment and torture Jesus went through to save you and I from our sinful nature. Jesus knew what was about to happen to Him and understood the cost, not just in His death but in the events leading up to His death. At the Last Supper, Jesus had a meal with His disciples where they had Communion and He commanded them to continue this practice, the practice of remembering. Remember the sacrifice that was about to happen. Remember the price that was about to be paid for their sake.

'... Then he distributed it to the disciples and said, “Take it and eat your fill. It is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me.” He did the same with the cup of wine after supper and said, “This cup seals the new covenant with my blood. Drink it—and whenever you drink this, do it to remember me.”' 1 Corinthians 11:24-25 (TPT)

As I remember how the events of 9/11 brought us together as a Nation, I can see how the events of Christ's death and resurrection have brought us together as believers in the Christian faith. It is what unites us as Christians. When I think of the act of Communion, I can see how it brings us together and unites us. If you break the word Communion apart, you can see how it brings us together as we have a common belief, Jesus Christ, which unites, the Union, us together... a Common-Union. It truly is a beautiful practice as we remember, it unites as one. One faith, one body, one church, one sacrifice, one God.

I would encourage you, as you remember the events of 9/11, please also remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for you... We Remember!


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us so much! Thank you for your Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.

Father we pray for those affected by the life changing events of 9/11. We pray you wrap your loving arms around those who may be still dealing with the tragedies of that day. Father, give Your Peace, the Peace which is beyond our own understanding. Calm their minds, heal their hearts and show them their purpose.

Father, we pray for our nation. Let this be the reminder, as we remember that day, let us not forget the ultimate sacrifice of your Love for us through your Son. As we remember, let it unite us with the common belief of your Love for us. Let it bring us together for your purposes. Unite this country once again. Let us be the Light unto the world of who you are by the way we live and love each other.

Thank you Father for your Word, the Bible, which leads and guides us as We Remember.

In Jesus Mighty Name, the Name above all others.


We love you!

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