Frequently asked questions

Motorsport Crew Experience

I worked for Palatov Motorsports, supporting their factory entry to the 2017 Pike's Peak International Hillclimb. There, I performed various crew duties including vehicle inspection, maintenance, setup, and maintaining setup logs.

Steady State Directional Control Testing

I have carried out SAE standard test procedures to quantify the directional control derivatives for various suspension setups, pairing the metrics with driver feedback to generate design targets.

Suspension Geometry Validation

I have installed linear potentiometers on the suspension to verify kinematic characteristics, then using that data to validate on-track body control targets.

Shaker Rig Testing and Analysis

I have experience using 4 post shaker rig data to refine damper settings and develop a setup catalog. This data helped reduce lap times by almost 5 percent, and was used to drive future platform control design targets.

Strain Gauge Testing

I have installed and calibrated strain gauges on suspension links to validate on-track suspension loads.