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Meet Dolly Lee

This is #dollysstory

Dolly has a very interesting back story. When dolly just a few months old she was injured in an accident that left her blind in her left eye. The injury was so severe that it required immediate surgery. Dolly’s owner took her and her mother to Tennessee Equine Hospital to have the surgery performed. It was determined that the eye was not viable and it had to be removed completely so a care plan was formed and the doctors decided that since Dolly would already be in surgery, they would also repair an umbilical hernia sustained during foaling. Kristian and I were present with the owners during the surgery and everything went great! The doctor was pleased with how well she did and she was moved to a recovery stall to begin waking up from the anesthesia.

Some time into the recovery process it became clear that something was very wrong. Dolly’s little body was not waking up properly, she had begun to experience seizures and after running every test possible and doing all the doctors knew to do, we were told that she may not wake up. We began to pray, we got down next to Dolly and laid hands on her as we prayed and asked God to heal her and wake her up! Within about 15 mins, things began to change and suddenly with no warning, Dolly sat straight up and whinnied (that’s horsey talk) for her mom. Her mother answered back and Dolly stood to her feet…perfectly normal!!! Praise God!

She left the vet hospital and came to Melody Manor Ranch along with her mother originally for aftercare following the surgery and she spent several months with us as her tummy and eye healed. We weaned her from her mother and began teaching her some basic groundwork, eventually sending her home. A few years later her owner needed to find her a good home and they reached out to us to see if we wanted her. Of course, the answer was YES!

Dolly has spent the last couple of years with us, though her blindness is an issue, she is working on her trust issues and navigating life as a partially blind horse beautifully. Sometimes things scare her if she can’t see them and sometimes she gets a little frazzled when she feels nervous or scared. So she relies a lot on Sunday to be her helper and you will always find them side-by-side in the pasture. She still has a long way to go to learn to trust and rely on people since she can’t see fully but Dolly is doing wonderful! One day we believe she will be able to fully depend on people and trust us just like we trusted God to heal her that day in the hospital stall!

Fun fact: Dolly is actually Pistol Annie’s ½ sister and they are 1 month apart in birthdays! Though they share a different mom, they have the same Palomino dad (that means he was a really beautiful golden blonde color). Cool, huh? That’s why Dolly is a Buttermilk Palomino and Annie is a Golden Palomino color.

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