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Meet Mr. Legs

This is #Legsstory...

Legs came to us by no fault of his own. He belonged to a very dear longtime friend and was deeply loved by all of his humans. He lived on a beautiful sprawling ranch in rural Florida; however, his body didn't love the Florida allergens. The trees and pollen were causing him to have severe allergies and itchy spots all over his body. His owners had tried everything that the vets recommended to no avail. Nothing was working, and Legs was miserable. The vets began suggesting that he be moved to a different climate…that would mean a move anywhere north of Georgia. So his owner called and asked if we would be willing to give him a home in Tennessee…we were completely ecstatic!

Although Legs was dearly loved by his owners, it was in his best interest to let him go and live in a new home. So the plan was set, and we drove halfway to meet the equine transport service in Alabama to pick him up. Legs has done amazingly well in the Tennessee weather and has adjusted beautifully to life at MMR. He no longer suffers from allergies or episodes of skin rashes, and he has become a cherished member of our herd. He is the sweetest and most kind horse, not to mention a real looker.

Legs is now one of our riding horses and has quickly become one of everyone's favorites when they visit Melody Manor Ranch.

Fun facts: Legs is the tallest of all the MMR horses, he knows how to bow for treats, and he also has a very deep manly nicker; it's our favorite thing about his personality! He loves to talk to us when he sees food or treats!

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